About Us

About ThaiAngels.com

What's so important "About Us?" Actually, there is one thing. We want you know this:

Thai Angels.com is all About You.

The team behind Thai Angels is prepared for you. We know the type of singles you are looking to meet. We know the types of positive experiences you are looking to enjoy, especially when it comes to the unique aspects of Thai Dating.

We know the type of online dating website you want and need. That's why we've created ThaiAngels.com.

Ours is a site which offers more value and more options than other Thai Dating sites, and does so for less cost. For example, only Thai Angels brings you the ability to enjoy high-quality live video chats, as well as the fun of playing online games with other members of Thai Angels. We have a dedicated team of highly skilled internet professionals, focused on making our site and your experience as positive as we can.

Equally important, the Thai Angels Team knows the relationships between foreign gentlemen and lovely Thai women from both sides.

You see, the ThaiAngels.com website was launched by an American man and his Thai wife. We share a deep love and respect for each other. But, we also share a real love and respect for Thailand, and its rich culture, customs, and traditions. Our families are there. Our friends are there. We have business interests there. And for much of the year, we are blessed to call Thailand our home.

Thai Angels is proud to have so many beautiful and wonderful Thailand women on this site. They are happy and in good health. Many of these women are professionals in business. They are managers, office staff, government employees, interior designers and housekeepers, self-employed entrepreneurs, and students looking to learn more to advance their careers. They are hard-working and dedicated to enjoying a great relationship with their man. Thai Angels is happy to assist Thailand women in finding the relationships and love they seek.

Thai Angels is also committed to serving the eligible, good men from around the world who know the unique beauty of Thai Ladies, and are interested in meeting one for a special relationship. For some we know this could mean dating. Others may be interested in friendship, a long-term commitment, or marriage. Regardless, Thai Angels verifies the women on the site. It is making a genuine effort to establish trust and confidence with all the men who become paid members, and who may pay additional monies for travel to or from Thailand to meet women.

The Thai Angels team knows the differences between Phuket and Pattaya, the breathtaking beaches and the bustling big city life of Bangkok. Wherever you call home, or wherever you are looking to travel, Thai Angels is the right online destination for you and your dreams.

Thank you for allowing us to build an online and real-life community that values a special relationship like ours…the connection of a foreign gentleman with a lovely Thai Angel.

James and Uamporn

in the world who is genuinely seeking GOOD FRIENDSHIP, REAL RELATIONSHIP, LONGTERM RELATIONSHIP or MARRIAGE with a NICE THAI LADY. A Thai lady who may become your best friend, lifetime mate, and a good wife for the rest of your life.

We screen Thai ladies before they join our club and we GUARANTEE that all of our Thai ladies have legitimate careers.