Online Dating at Thai Angels

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What is a ThaiAngels Profile?

Really? You don’t know? That’s interesting. Well, it appears you really do need help with a social life. You need to get out more or at least get online more. Still, we’ll take a minute to explain the concept of an online dating profile to you.

An online dating profile is how other members of ThaiAngels.com see you. It is like your little home page. Think of it as your window to the rest of our online community or social network.  

A profile is the exact place where other members can learn about you based on what information you provide about yourself. Profile information includes personal statistics and related content such as your age, height, weight, habits, interests, preferences, education, occupation, hometown, and what traits, characteristics, or qualities you are looking for in a dating or relationship partner, marriage or friendship.

Remember, people change, including you. It’s not a bad idea to remember you can come back and adjust your profile at any time. But remember the popular adage, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” A good photo of you makes your profile a lot more enticing to others.

Profiles should be as accurate as possible so you are who you say you are. This will promote the likelihood of a real foundation between you and others. It will prevent disappointment of someone realizing another person isn’t who they claimed to be.