Is Thai Angels Open to All Sexual Orientations?

Is Thai Angels Open to All Sexual Orientations?

Yes. And this isn't just lip service. Here's the real deal.

At ThaiAngels.com, we welcome everyone regardless of their personal preference, sexual preference or "personal package."

While Thailand is a very open and accepting culture, we recognize not all societies around the world are the same. Therefore, in order to protect all of our members and do our best to prevent anyone from being offended, we do place some restrictions on communication. We want all members to feel safe, secure and comfortable.

Our website allows for men seeking men and women seeking women. But each member gets to set his or her own sexual preferences and have these personal wishes honored and respected. For example, women seeking men will not be accessible to women seeking women, and men seeking women will not be able to get approached by men seeking men.

When Thai Angels was designed, we targeted three segments of the world singles population. We have set out to serve as on online community for single members from the following three targeted segments of the world population:

1. Thai Girls and Thailand Women
2. Thailand "LadyBoys"
3. Men from around the world (including Thailand) who are interested in meeting and connecting with those in either of the above two groups.

Many Thais actually have shown a personal preference for relationships with foreigners or "Westerners." So, our approach in the international online dating industry is to provide a safe and secure online community where foreign men "farangs" can find, connect, and meet beautiful, real Thai Girls, Thailand Women, and exotic "LadyBoys," Thailand's widely accepted "third gender."

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